Soft Sensations Pvt. Ltd. offers complete backup to the products it market and sells to the hospitality industry.

Our motto “committed to commitment” is primary source of our strength to enable us achieve the high standards of support and service to our clients in India and neighbouring countries.

The products we market and sell are the products we install, train and maintain. Our commitment to our client is more then 100%. We are always at the beck and call our clients and help resolve all possible problems and answer most of the queries in the specifications stage, pre-ordering stage and finally after-sales. We also help in designing and offer possible solutions and alternatives to a given situation.

Our marketing and technical personnel are usually trained by our principals at their factories during regular training seminars or these trainings are also conducted during our principal’s visits to our office few times in a year.

We would like to keep our marketing and technical people abreast with all the latest information and changes in the products enabling our clients to utilize these resources at any point during the life cycle of the product we sold.